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Mulch provides a quick solution for creating a fresh and personalized style to your residential or commercial landscape.  We carry a wide variety of mulches to cater to everyone’s unique style. From brown and black to red and gold mulch, Illinois Landscape Supply offers many options. We guarantee the LOWEST PRICE and HIGHEST-QUALITY delivery AVAILABLE. Get the look you desire at Illinois Landscape Supply!

Illinois Landscape Supply is just minutes from Naperville and stocks numerous types, colors, and brands of mulch, providing you with largest selection in the area. Your Naperville home or business can get an exterior facelift with a little creative design help from our staff.  With over 75 years of landscape experience and a vast network of landscape contractors, Illinois Landscape Supply is your local landscape resource.

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Durable, Long-Lasting Options

At Illinois Landscape Supply we offer premium mulch guaranteed to look great throughout the seasons. We include composted organic material in our mulch and process it three times. This create a smoother, finer look to the mulch and over time allows the mulch to add micronutrients to the surrounding soil and plants.

If you prefer a thicker look, we offer double-processed mulches to provide a coarser, natural look for your home or business. The double-ground economy blend provides a very smooth layer and is a great way to cover large areas around your Naperville home or business. Explore our wide variety of other double-processed mulches and colors. Choose from black, red, gold and the ever popular chocolate.

If you are looking for something a bit softer to pad your playground, check out Nature’s Blanket. This mulch provides a soft, splinter-free setting for anyone enjoying the playground. It’s made from a precise blend of wood fiber chips, that when layered properly, provide a soft landing on impact. Our Nature’s Blanket mulch meets all ASTM standards.

To truly get the style you desire, visit us just minutes from Naperville and explore the many color-enhanced options we have available. These color-enhanced mulches are made to keep their color all year-round. Visit us today and pick up a sample!



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Illinois Landscape Supply was founded on superior products and customer service. With over 75 years of experience to draw upon, our experts are happy to help with any project. When you visit, be sure the explore our expansive indoor and outdoor showrooms just minutes from Naperville. For HIGH-QUALITY MULCH at WHOLESALE PRICES call 815-267-311 and WE DELIVER!