Rosetta Hardscapes

The look and feel of nature

Rosetta Hardscapes accurately creates the look and feel of nature in any application you imagine. This boutique line of landscape products truly amazes even the most discerning craftsman or homeowner. The textures, colors and shapes of these stones are like nothing else on the market today.

By crafting Rosetta Hardscapes with architectural-grade, wet-cast concrete instead of commonly used dry-cast concrete, Rosetta Hardscapes captures a level of detail in texture previously unavailable in landscape block materials. This use of wet-cast concrete also allows Rosetta Hardscapes to offer significantly improved durability compared to most competitive products.

Imagine the possibilities of a Rosetta Hardscapes solution for your next project.

Check out Rosetta Hardscapes products here. Contact us to find out more about how you can use Rosetta Hardscapes products in your next project.

Belvedere Walls

Dimensional Coping

Dimensional Flagstone Slabs

Dimensional Walls

Fire Pit Kit


Grand Flagstone Slabs

Outcropping Walls

Pond Kit

Claremont Collection

Old Mission Collection


Step Collection