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Zentro 30” Smokeless Firepit Ring Insert

Zentro is designed to accommodate any type of block, stone or concrete firepit surround for the patio enthusiast! No assembly required by dropping the Zentro into the top of your surround and you will enjoy an efficient, beautiful, smokeless centerpiece in a matter of minutes. You can also use the Zentro to cook an amazing meal over the hot flame with the add-on Breeo grilling accessories. Afterward, you can relax under the stars surrounded by family and friends with your new Zentro smokeless fire! The lid is included.


Designed to slide easily into a new or existing block or masonry fire pit, the Zentro is the ultimate fire pit upgrade!
Sleek & modern, with clean lines and an air of sophistication, while maintaining the raw & primal aesthetic of real wood fire.
No moving parts, simply drop into your paver, block or stone fire pit and that’s all!
The lid is included!
Fits into 33”- 39” Inside Diameter of Block Surround
Inside Diameter: 30”
Top Flange Outside Diameter: 41”
Height: 12”

Stainless Steel - $1868.35 Plus tax
Black Steel - $1050.00 Plus tax